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Mioulet Fotografie

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Jan Paul Mioulet started out as a photographer in 1994, after graduating from the Leiden University with a Master degree in Dutch Language and Literature and Film- and Theatre Science, and getting a degree as a photographer from the Nederlandse Fotovakschool. After doing nearly every kind of photography for almost a decade, from commercial photography to portraiture and even the odd wedding for friends, he really specialized in architectural photography once he teamed up with a group of photographers that later formed DAPh. He is one of the founders of the DAPh, the Dutch Architectural Photographers. This is a group of experienced architectural photographers that have joined forces to offer their clients the best in architectural photography.

He started writing for PF, the leading magazine for professional photographers in the Netherlands in 2006 and became editor in chief in 2010. In 2014 he gave up this position in order to put his focus back on his own photography. He still writes about photography, though. Interviewing colleagues and testing gear and sharing his extensive knowledge.

In his photography he is always searching for clean lines and beautiful light. When shooting a building his approach is that of a portrait photographer, looking for the best angle and moment to capture the character and personality of a building or a space. But he also loves to involve people in his images. After all, what is the use of buildings, if they aren't used? 

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